Walt Disney World Raffle Winners

We are pleased to announce that a fundraising raffle has been conducted and the winners are as follows:

$500.00 prize –  Glen Lorenston, Ticket #2164

$500.00 prize – Carla Arella, Ticket #0586

$500.00 prize – Steven Mahoney, Ticket #1606

$500.00 prize – Kirk Gardener, Ticket #2548

$500.00 prize – Matt Daniels, Ticket #0821

$2,500.00 prize – Tim Dunn, Ticket #0717

$5,000.00 prize –  Glenda Hamlyn, Ticket #1680

All Inclusive Disney World Vacation for family of four – Chantel Chauvin, Ticket # 1706

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who supported the Foundation.

The Mazinaajim Children’s Foundation supports the educational, recreational and cultural needs of Aboriginal children and families in North Western Ontario.

Lottery License #FWR-38-16